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Bachelor of Tourism Management:
Honours Degrees

Honours Degree in Adventure Tourism Management

ADVG 401 Business Applications for Adventure Tourism Management
ADVG 408 Research in Adventure Tourism

Plus 30 credits from the following:
ADVG 402 Legal Liability & Risk Management for Adventure Operations
ADVG 403 Contemporary Perspectives in Adventure Tourism Management
ADVG 404 Adventure Tourism Programming
ADVG 405 International Adventure Tourism Development
ADVG 406 International Adventure Tourism Operations
ADVG 407 Selected Topics in Nature-Based and Adventure Tourism
ADVG 409 Nature-Based Tourism Policy, Planning and Development
ADVG 410 Adventure Tourism Field Trip
ADVG 421 Consult BTM Advisor
ADVG 422 Consult BTM Advisor
TMGT 499 Honours Thesis

Honours Degree in Entrepreneurship

TMGT 402 Graduating Seminar
TMGT 499 Honours Thesis
TMGT 412 Developing New Tourism Enterprises
TMGT 413 Tourist Behaviour
TMGT 414 Tourism Strategy
TMGT 415 Managing Small Tourism Enterprises
TMGT 416 Tourism in a Global Environment
TMGT 417 Information Technology and Tourism
TMGT 418 Managing the Tourist Experience
TMGT 419 Tourism Enterprise Field Course

Honours Degree in Management/General Major

TMGT 305 Research Tourism
TMGT 402 Graduating Seminar
TMGT 301 Community and Cultural Issues in Tourism
TMGT 302 Tourism Policy and Planning
TMGT 401 Tourism Product Development and Innovation
TMGT 403 Resort and Recreation Management
TMGT 404 Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development
TMGT 405 Event Tourism
TMGT 406 Selected Topics in Tourism
TMGT 421 Casino Operations Management
TMGT 499 Honour Thesis